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The classified vineyard sites of the Steirische Terroir- und Klassikweingüter

Ten wineries with high-minded personalities, individual stories, and highly individual wines – all these features combine to define wine in absolute terms: Styria and its best vineyard sites.

STK criteria and wines
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Grosse STK Lage 


The grapes for these wines are grown in vineyards with a particularly favourable microclimate. They are matured for an extended period of time and with a keen eye to optimal terroir notes and minerality. Wines of the ‘Grosse STK Lage’ category have a complex aromatic mesh and a highly distinct character, and show a great potential for ageing. Wines of this highest STK level are matured for at least 18 months before leaving the winery. They are available on 1st May, 18 months after harvest at the earliest.

Erste STK Lage


Wines with this quality label are pressed from grapes that are harvested late on the most precious STK vineyard sites and left to mature for extended periods of time. This ensures that wines of the ‘Erste STK Lage’ category are expressive and complex, with a great potential for ageing. Available from 1st May following the year of harvest.

Ortswein – Villages wines


Ortsweine, or ‘Villages’ wines, are grown in various vineyards of one and the same village and show its name on the label. Due to their orientation, altitude, and soil structure, these places present characteristic features for a marked aroma and highly typical taste. Exhibiting this origin on the label has brought back an old tradition: by the mid-19th century, villages were featured on the label, and wine lovers were talking about wines from Klöch, Glanz, Spielfeld, Ratsch, or Gamlitz. 

Wines of the region


Painstakingly harvested by hand in the steep vineyards, carefully fermented and matured, these wines provide their typical drinking pleasure in the first couple of years: animating, lively, with a lightness and aromatic freshness so characteristic of Styrian wines. They are left to mature for at least six months before they come on the market, on 1st March at the earliest. ‘Steirische Klassik’ wines stand for origin-defined, high-quality wines – and quality always needs time, also in this case!    

Schräger StrichSchräger Strich