The vines of the Steirische Terroir-
and Klassik­weingüter

Twelve wineries with high-minded personalities, individual stories, and highly individual wines – all these features combine to define wine in absolute terms: Styria and its best vineyard sites.

What defines us
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Grosse STK Ried (STK Grand Cru)

Exquisite single-vineyard wines from the most exceptional STK Rieds (single vineyards). Favoured by extraordinary terroir and harvested late. Vines must be at least 15 years old. Yields are limited to 4500 litres per hectare. A minimum presence of ten years on the market guarantees exceptional quality. Earliest release on May 1st following 18 months maturation.

Erste STK Ried (STK Premier Cru)

These single-vineyard wines are made from late-harvest grapes from outstanding STK Rieds (single vineyards). Vines must be at least twelve years old. Yields are limited to 4500 litres per hectare. Only wines that have proved themselves on the market to have the potential to mature for at least five years qualify for this classification. Earliest release is September 1st the year after the harvest.


Riedenwein (Cru Wine)

The potential of a Ried (single vineyard), privileged by its terroir, transformed into an expressive, unique wine. The grapes are harvested selectively by hand. The earliest release is May 1st following the harvest.

Ortswein – Village wine

Every wine village is unique in terms of location, elevation and geology. An Ortswein (Village Wine) reflects this perfectly. Only the most typical vineyards and the traditional grape varieties of Steiermark are considered suitable. Harvested by hand. Available from May 1st following the harvest.


Gebietswein (Territory Wine)

Dry white wines with an emphasis on territory, made from handpicked grapes of a single variety and one region. Conscientiously vinified and matured for six months in the cellar. Wines with an elegant, fruity character that are available from March 1st after the harvest.

Regionswein (Regional Wine)

Regional wines with a specialty trait. Whether a red wine or a sweet predicated wine, these are regional wine specialties beyond the Ortswein (Village Wine) and Gebietswein (Territory Wine) categories.

Wines of the region

Painstakingly harvested by hand in the steep vineyards, carefully fermented and matured, these wines provide their typical drinking pleasure in the first couple of years: animating, lively, with a lightness and aromatic freshness so characteristic of Styrian wines. They are left to mature for at least six months before they come on the market, on 1st March at the earliest. ‘Steirische Klassik’ wines stand for origin-defined, high-quality wines – and quality always needs time, also in this case!    

STK_Winzer-moodley_brand_identity-Schräger StrichSTK_Winzer-moodley_brand_identity-Schräger Strich